KRAKAUER Bros. manufactured grand, upright, consoles and spinet pianos. In the course of their long and successful career KRAKAUER Bros. have been a family concern and never allied with combinations outside the organization. This house was founded 1869 by Simon KRAKAUER an excellent musician, who came to America in 1853 with his son David.


The manufacture of KRAKAUER pianos is entirely confined to one high grade quality = the KRAKAUER piano= which is available in a wide variety of attractive designs in Grand and Vertical models. For many years the KRAKAUER is noted for exceptionally artistic and uniquely attractive case designs, durable construction, and exceptionally rich tonal quality.


They have successfully pioneered the patented closed back construction which permits the piano to be placed anywhere in the room like a grand piano and without the necessity of placing it with its back to the wall. One of the most successful models in this design is the KRAKAUER “Serenade” which because it can be faced out in the room like a grand piano has a “grand like”  free flowing quality of tone. Most of the spinet pianos also contain the exclusive Acoustic Tone Chambers which strikingly re-enforce and enhance the tone.


The KRAKAUER line is definitely a “ DECORATOR “ line of styling. Every model is authentic and unique in its derivation and is not just a conglomeration of senseless frills.

All this is based upon the close attention of the “one family” element in the organization, with an honest and intimate interest in every piano made. KRAKAUER Bros. Have no mass-production! A unique exclusive feature of all KRAKAUER pianos is the new BRIDGE BRACED BACK construction, claimed by KRAKAUER engineers to be the strongest and most durable in the world. KRAKAUER Bos. Have supplied their pianos to a large number of great musicians of today and the past, who have, without solicitation, given eloquent testimony and endorsement to the worth and quality of the KRAKAUER PIANO. The factory was a modern, light five story corner building, located at 115East 138th Street, New York City.

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